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Why is USMLEstat free?

We're very proud of USMLEstat and hope it'll be an important component of USMLE prep in the near future. It's therefore important for us to get as much feedback as possible so we've decided, for now, not to charge people to use the site.

Will you suddenly start charging me to use USMLEstat?

No. A free 6 month account means exactly that - it's free for 6 months.

Will you use my e-mail address for other purposes?

No. We will never pass on your e-mail address to third parties or bombard you with annoying e-mails. See our privacy policy for more details. If you're still cautious feel free to use a false e-mail address - we don't mind.

USMLEstat has now migrated to the PassMedicine platform. Access to all the resource is still free. Click here to sign-up to the PassMedicine USMLE resource