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USMLEstat is not another question bank. Imagine a resource that has thousands of USMLE Step 1 flashcard style facts, ordered by how high-yield they are for the exam. Add in spaced repetition learning and a highly customizable and flexible interface and you've got USMLEstat

High-yield USMLE facts

At it's heart USMLEstat is a comprehensive collection of high-yield, flash-card style facts, ordered for relevance to the USMLE. The interface allows you to rapidly ascertain what you know and will keep testing you on weak areas until your recall is acceptable.

Learn more, faster

We all learn and revise in different ways. Studies consistently show however that two techniques stand out as being the most effective: spaced repetition and the testing effect. USMLEstat utilizes both of these techniques to improve your Step 1 recall.

Fill your knowledge gaps

Worried about potential gaps in your knowledge base? USMLEstat in effect performs a rapid audit of your knowledge to identify weak points. Once identified there are detailed teaching notes, diagrams and mnemonics to augment your learning.

USMLE revision has evolved. Here's how it works...

USMLEstat features thousands of high-yield USMLE relevant facts. These are presented in the form of questions using a slick interface, whether you're using a laptop, tablet or mobile. Recall a high-yield fact correctly and you'll quickly be presented with the next question. If you get something wrong you'll be able to compare your wrong answer to the right one and given detailed teaching notes with tables, mnemonics and diagrams. The system remembers and will retest you at a later date using spaced repetition techniques.

Fully customizable revision. Weak on micro? We'll fix that

USMLEstat allows you to custom build your revision sessions. Facts can not only be filtered by category, but also by high-yield rating and difficulty. For example if you're in the latter stages of revision and aiming for a 250 you can exclude the easiest, say, 50% of facts. Conversely, if it's early days and your struggling, why not exclude the harder facts and get some high-yield knowledge under your belt.